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AccuFuel™ Fuel Efficiency Tracker makes monitoring your vehicle's fuel efficiency simple and fun.

Welcome to AccuFuel!

AccuFuel™ Fuel Efficiency Tracker is a powerful tool that makes monitoring your vehicle’s fuel efficiency simple and fun. Is your SUV guzzing gasoline? Is your fuel-efficient hybrid saving you money? Can you beat the reating of 32?

With AccuFuel, you’ll instantly see how your driving habits affect your fuel efficiency. If you are hypermiling because of rising gas prices, use AccuFuel as a gauge to track your progress. Track multiple vehicles. View your mileage in MPG (U.S.), MPG (UK), L/100km, or km/L. In addition, use the standard odometer or just log trip miles.

AccuFuel was one of the very first apps when the App Store launched on July 10, 2008. Originally owned by Appigo, Inc., the app has since transitioned from Appigo to one of the original founders, Boyd Timothy. Be sure to check back soon for the official launch of the redesigned app, available soon on the App Store.